Staff of Trusted Tablets

A header of Trusted Tablets

Riley BrookesRiley Brookes is a header of Trusted Tablets. He has graduated from Harvard Universite in 1999. Once, he decided to change the working place because it did not bring him a satisfaction. He made up his mind to open an online service where people will find everything to maintain healthy conditions. He established an online pharmacy – Trusted Tablets and became its master. When having a spare time, Riley prefers to go to the country with his family and ride the bicycle. His main goal is to provide people with affordable medications able to cope with health problems effectively and without any damages.


Sofia FullerSofia Fuller is the main pharmacist. He has been working in Trusted Tablets for 8 years. She was promoted to this post due to professional attitude to the customers, perfect skills, the ability to cope with any disputable issues. Sofia approves herself as a master of a specialist in this pharmaceutical business. She has graduated from Medical College in Nevada. She strives to make medications affordable for all because people’s health is above all things for us. She has a unique hobby – fashion jewelry creation.

Reece WelchReece Welch is a pharmacist working since 2013. He specializes in male health conditions. He is constantly studying the aspect of men’s health. Reece strives to achieve the best methods of men’s health problems treatment. He may carry out an online conversation with males having such a problem. After the graduation, he has worked as a pharmacist in a local drugstore but he quitted the job because of impossibility for customers to buy medications because of high prices. He is in touch with the customers almost 24/7. On his┬ávacation at Trusted Tablets, he prefers the see holidays outside the country.

Katie EdwardsKatie Edwards is a pharmacist for common health issues. She is the youngest employee but she merits to be a specialist of a high-class. Katie has graduated from Medical and Nursing High School. She has undergone additional course about the pharmaceutical business. She is polite, clever and ready to help every person. Usually, she communicates with customers in a live chat and phone calls. her hobby is to visit senior houses and orphans.