How to Cure Male Impotence?

Impotence is also called erectile dysfunction. What is erectile dysfunction? If a man can not reach ejaculation during sexual intercourse it means he has erectile problems. There are cases when ejaculation does not occur for some reason, for example, he is very drunk, or can not control orgasm, or sexual intercourse occurs in such conditions that a man is constantly distracted by some factors. Sometimes it is difficult to focus on sexual pleasure. The tension in the penis reduces, erection weakens, ejaculation does not occur. Such cases can occur with every man, and similar problems can not be considered signs of erectile dysfunction.

But if the tension in the penis is constantly decreasing during sexual intercourse, a man can not achieve ejaculation and orgasm. This is an alarming signal of erectile dysfunction. It’s good that modern medicine can help the representatives of the strong sex deal with this unpleasant disease. Men can use ED drugs from Trusted Tablets or erectile dysfunction natural remedies. The Internet has a rich arsenal of recipes that can cure impotence in a short time. How to cure erectile dysfunction and regain the joy of sexual life?How to Cure Male Impotence_

The potency is affected by bad ecology, poor nutrition, sedentary lifestyle and low physical activity, but erectile dysfunction “gets younger” every year. Previously, this disease was common in men over 50, but now impotence is a problem for those who are 35-40 years of age.

Causes of erectile dysfunction in men

All illnesses come from nerves. Stresses cause many diseases, and impotence is not an exception. Most often, this disease occurs as a side effect of already existing diseases. Most men do not think about it. They do not tell their wives about sexual problems, do not go to a specialist and do not start treatment. And the problem is getting worse. A man feels uncomfortable because he can not have sex, and the atmosphere in the family becomes stressful. Man’s carrier is also affected because the brain of a man is busy with other thoughts.

Erectile dysfunction may be caused by high blood pressure and some medications designed to lower the pressure. Blood vessels carrying blood to the penis are constricted. When the pressure is too high, the blood can not fully flow into the genital organ. A man can not reach ejaculation because his blood vessels are narrowed. So the first thing to do in this case is to normalize blood pressure. But here you need a doctor’s consultation.

Depression or severe nervous stress can also cause unpleasant conditions and discomfort. Erectile dysfunction can occur because during sex a man does not think about sex but about problems at work. In such a case you’d better refuse sexual activity for a while.

Everything is much more complicated when impotence is caused by serious problems and diseases.

The causes of erectile dysfunction can be surgeries on pelvic organs or penile injuries as a result of extreme lifestyle or various accidents.

Diabetes mellitus, hormonal disorders, and potent drugs often lead to weak erection or premature ejaculation.

Types of erectile dysfunction

The causes of erectile dysfunction are numerous. Therefore, Canadian Pharmacy Mall experts distinguish several types of erectile dysfunction in order to correctly prescribe treatment to each patient.

Cortical Impotence

This is a very complicated case of sexual weakness. The cause of cortical impotence is psychological. Men are afraid of sexual intercourse. They are not sure about their abilities, they think in advance that sex will be unsuccessful or that the sex partner will not be satisfied. Such disorders are observed in men who are about to start sex for the first time, but they are no longer teenagers. Their age is about 30.

Another cause of cortical impotence is the use of potent psychotropic substances, drinking alcoholic beverages in large quantities, smoking some types of tobacco and previous failures in sexual acts. To gain courage, men often take alcohol that has a detrimental effect on the genitourinary and nervous systems. As a result, cortical impotence may occur.

How to get rid of erectile dysfunction? Trusted Tablets advises contacting several experts: a sexologist, a psychologist, a neurologist. Only the complex ED treatment will help get rid of impotence.

Sexologist conducts therapy for correct behavior at the time of sexual intercourse. A neurologist prescribes drugs that increase potency and restore brain activity.

Spinal impotence

This type of sexual disorder is rare. Most often, spinal impotence is caused by a spine injury. A man can not reach ejaculation or can not achieve an erection due to discomfort in the spine .

How to treat spinal impotence? Wearing supportive devices will help to overcome this disease.

Special bandages that support corsets and other medical devices will help to avoid unpleasant situations during sex.

Some men are embarrassed to wear such devices and get rid of them during sex, but we do not recommend doing so.

Impotence caused by genital diseases

This type of impotence is the most common. Sexual weakness can be caused by:

  1. Endocrine diseases that decrease the production of sex hormones and sexual desire. This can be due to diabetes mellitus or orchitis. Only medicines from Canadian Health and Care Mall will help in this case. You can also try natural methods: a broth of St. John’s wort and birch buds;
  2. Prostate problems. To get rid of impotence caused by prostate diseases, we advise avoiding interrupted sexual acts and masturbation. Even serious prostate diseases can not lead to impotence; these diseases can only lead to a cortical form of erectile dysfunction. The treatment is carried out by a psychologist. Men should take medications for the treatment of prostatitis;
  3. Sometimes impotence may be caused by damage to the penis. In this case, only surgery will help. No drugs and methods of traditional medicine can help.

If you want to prevent erectile problems, lead a healthy lifestyle, give up bad habits and do physical activities. And you will enjoy intimacy with your beloved woman even at the age of 60.